AP/Academic Tutoring

At Breakaway, we are fortunate to work with many of the metro area’s most ambitious and talented students.  Yet even top-performing students can need some help sometimes, given the tough classes and multiple extracurricular activities many students can be involved in.  With a talented team of instructors from a variety of backgrounds, Breakaway can help students with a range of material, from all levels of high school math, to biology, chemistry and physics, to comparative literature and creative writing.  Most Breakaway instructors have or are working toward master’s degrees; six have Ph.Ds, so each brings a depth of expertise and passion to their work.

With Breakaway tutoring, we are flexible and can accommodate students who need only intermittent help, as well as those who require weekly support.  And because we only work on an hourly basis, we don’t ask you to sign a contract for a pre-determined number of hours.  We provide only the help a student requires, and no more.

Ready to get started on AP or academic tutoring?  Please click here to complete an inquiry form. Or contact Ron Michalak, Breakaway’s founder, at 612-216-5133 or at [email protected].