Breakaway Test Prep, Minnesota’s leader in ACT and SAT prep, is pleased to offer a personalized, highly effective approach to GMAT preparation.  Effective immediately, Breakaway is pleased to offer a flexible yet customizable approach to preparing for the GMAT.

Breakaway’s GMAT instructor, William, has provided tutoring for the GMAT for more than 11 years.  During that time, he has gradually developed a highly structured system designed to optimize students’ tutoring experience, which enables the student to maximize their scoring opportunities.  Since 2011, William has logged more than 7,500 hours of instruction and has assembled a massive database of practice questions from a variety of official guides and select schools.

William’s approach begins with an assessment of the student to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are.  Based on that assessment, he can immediately begin to focus the student on concepts and problem types with which the student struggles.  For most students, such struggles are the result of being unfamiliar with the appropriate formula, theorem, number property, shortcut, process, argument analysis, attack strategy, idiom or time management skills.

Based on ongoing assessments of the student, William can see exactly where the student is making gains and where they might be struggling and can continue to target areas of weakness with focused problem sets and insightful, strategic instruction.  He can draw from his extensive database of problems to present the student with an evolving array of problems that progress in degree of difficulty.  With his approach, William can match the degree and nature of the problems he works on with the student in the lesson to additional problems he can assign for homework.

When William and the student meet again, they go through the homework assignment and work through any problems the student failed to answer correctly.  This iterative process continues until the student can correctly answer every question of a similar type, at which point they move on to the next set of concepts.

William supplements this approach with flashcard of all principles and formulas discussed to help reinforce the student’s grasp of these materials.

Summary of GMAT Prep with Breakaway

Breakaway uses a proven, rigorous approach to test prep to help students prepare for the GMAT.  Private instruction for the GMAT with Breakaway typically consists of a series of twice weekly meetings to get a student ready for a real exam, and the program is customized based on a student’s starting test score, desired score, availability and response to instruction.

Breakaway’s program of private instruction includes:

  • Private, one-on-one instruction for the GMAT with an expert Breakaway instructor
  • Critical time management strategies and helpful test taking techniques for each section of the test
  • A proprietary and proven database that compiles key strategies and principles necessary for excelling on the test as well as homework to be completed between each one-on-one lesson.
  • Convenient lesson times and locations; our GMAT instructor is available every day
  • Our rate for instruction is $150/hr, and Breakaway bills monthly via Quickbooks for instruction.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Ron Michalak, President of Breakaway, anytime.  Ron can be reached at [email protected].