At Breakaway Test Prep, we have a single, unifying goal that guides our every effort: to help realize the potential of each of our students.  We do this consistently and effectively by implementing our proven five-step process with each of our students:

1. Assess

Breakaway always begins the test prep process by having the student complete a full-length, proctored practice test.  (Scores from a real ACT can, of course, be used instead.)  The practice test provides the student with multiple benefits, including:

  • important exposure to each section of an ACT (or SAT), including the variety of ways in which concepts in grammar, math, reading and science are tested
  • experience dealing with the pressure and duration of a real ACT or SAT – 4+ hours!
  • a current assessment of the student’s relative strengths and weaknesses
  • a baseline score against which progress in test prep can be measured.

2. Evaluate

Once the student has completed the test, Breakaway will put together a testing plan for your student.  Each of our directors is available to consult with you about a customized plan for your student and can address questions such as:

  • How much can I improve?
  • When should I take my first real ACT or SAT?
  • How many times should I take the test?
  • How far in advance of a test should I begin my preparation?
  • Which test would be best for me?
  • If I take the test multiple times, will schools see all of my attempts?

Because we don’t sell packages of lessons, we can help your student do as much, or as little, preparation as necessary to help him or her achieve a desirable score.  With Breakaway, you get expert advice, great instruction and terrific results.

3. Match

Once we establish a personalized program of instruction for your student, your director will provide you with a shortlist of several terrific instructors who will help your student navigate the test.  Every student who works with Breakaway works with two different instructors:

  • One instructor brings a depth of expertise in language arts, writing, comparative literature or similar and will work with your student on English, reading and writing.
  • A second instructor, with a background in advanced mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics or similar, will help your student with math and science.
  • Your student’s schedule, learning style, outside interests and schedule will factor into the recommendations.
  • You and your student can choose from the options provided, or you can work with your director to select the instructor team.

At Breakaway, we understand that great instruction starts with an experienced team of tutors who bring expertise and passion to their work.  But we also know that’s just part of the story.  Breakaway instructors also bring an engaging, helpful approach to their work, and endeavor to create a productive, working rapport with each of their students. We believe that combination helps to drive your student’s success.

4. Prepare

After selections are made, Breakaway instructors will contact you to arrange a series of lessons.  Some important things to know about prep with Breakaway:

  • Breakaway provides test preparation for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SAT subject tests, ISEE/SSAT, and a range of AP and other subject tutoring.  Together with Groves Academy, Breakaway also offers ACT test preparation for students with learning differences.
  • There is no set number of lessons, nor is there a minimum or maximum number of lessons.
  • We will not try to sell you a package of lessons. We can do as much, or as little, as your student needs.
  • We will create a customized plan of instruction for your student to help quickly and effectively move your student into a desired scoring range.
  • Typically, our students complete 12-14 lessons, but that number can vary based on where the student starts from, where the student would like to score and how the student responds to instruction.
  • Lessons are designed to introduce the student to each exam’s most frequently tested concepts, key test-taking techniques, as well as critical time management strategies for each section of the test.
  • We assign about two hours of homework for each lesson, and recommend that students come out to practice tests after every 4-5 lessons (or once per month) in an effort to consolidate their improvements in a test setting.
  • Our instructors and directors work together to ensure students make expected progress.
  • Should students plateau with their scoring too soon, adjustments are made to help the student remain on the right scoring trajectory.

Because test prep and tutoring is all that we do, we continually scrutinize and fine-tune our own techniques to ensure your student has access to the finest test prep and tutoring available anywhere.

5. Perform

After the student completes a battery of lessons and practice tests, the student is ready to take his or her first real ACT.

  • As the test date nears, Breakaway instructors work with the student to ensure that he or she has a clear and customized plan of execution for the test
  • We work with the student to set appropriate expectations for the test
  • Throughout the process, we work collaboratively with the student to help him or her drive improvements and gain confidence with the test.
  • We endeavor to help each student drive a significant improvement over his or her initial practice test score, and help them get back to their junior year as quickly as possible.

Ready to get started?  Click here to register for a practice test. Or, if you’d prefer to arrange a call to discuss your student and how Breakaway could help, please click here to complete an inquiry form or call Ron Michalak, Breakaway’s founder, at 612-216-5133.