Breakaway’s practice tests are ONLINE during the Covid-19 crisis!

In an effort to provide our students with the most rigorous and comprehensive test prep available during the Covid-19 crisis, Breakaway Test Prep now offers weekly ONLINE proctored practice tests. Students will complete their tests at home, but log into a Zoom meeting in which Breakaway will offer online proctoring of the tests.  To register now, please scroll down to access the registration form.  Practice tests are an invaluable component of the test prep process, giving students critical experience dealing with the pressure of the test situation while getting practice on all sections of a test in a (virtual) classroom full of their peers.   On the weekends practice tests are offered, Breakaway offers students a choice of taking either an ACT or an SAT.  Practice tests start at 9:00am sharp and are done by 12:15pm.  Register now for an ONLINE practice test using the form below.

Practice Test Registration and Costs

For students who are working with (or who intend to work with) Breakaway Test Prep, there is no fee for the first (baseline) practice test.  After we begin working with the student, Breakaway charges a one-time $100 materials and testing fee, which covers all materials and access to any of our practice exams.  The one-time fee appears on the first invoice and is sent after we begin instruction.  With the one-time fee, Breakaway students are free to take practice exams regularly while preparing for an ACT or SAT, and do not need to pay each time they take a practice test with us.

For students not working with Breakaway, the fee for a practice test is $50.

Please note that on the rare occasion we experience a capacity constraint (number of registered students exceeds number of seats available), current Breakaway students will have priority access to seats over students not currently working with Breakaway, and the test registration for non-Breakaway students is subject to cancellation.  Breakaway will make every reasonable effort to notify registrants at least 24 hours in advance should capacity become an issue. Every test is administered just like the real ACT and SAT: the test is proctored and subject to the standard time constraints of the ACT and SAT.  Students must register to test, and space is limited to the first 50 students who register. Register now using the form below.

Extended time testing

For students who qualify for extended time on the test, Breakaway offers time-and-a-half testing (50% more time) at each of our practice tests.  When registering a student to take the test with extended time, please select the appropriate option on the registration form.  Register now by using the form below.  Students with extra time begin their exams at 9:00am and have until 1:40pm to complete testing.

Testing Locations

  • Breakaway ONLINE via Zoom – more information available after you register to test

Upcoming Breakaway Prep Practice Test Dates
(students will take tests at home and access ONLINE proctoring via Zoom)

  • Saturday, November 6 (register by November 1)
  • Sunday, November 14 (register by November 8)
  • Saturday, November 20 (register by November 15)
  • Sunday, November 28 (register by November 22)
  • Saturday, December 4 (register by November 29)
  • Sunday, December 12 (register by December 6)
  • Saturday, December 18 (register by December 13)
  • Sunday, January 9 (register by January 3)
  • Saturday, January 15 (register by January 10)
  • Sunday, January 23 (register by January 17)
  • Saturday, January 29 (register by January 24)
  • Sunday, February 6 (register by January 31)
  • Saturday, February 12 (register by February 7)
  • Saturday, February 19 (register by February 14)
  • Sunday, February 27 (register by February 21)
  • Sunday, March 6 (register by February 28)
  • Saturday, March 12 (register by March 7)
  • Sunday, March 20 (register by March 14)
  • Saturday, March 26 (register by March 21)
  • Saturday, April 3 (register by March 28)
  • Saturday, April 9 (register by April 4)
  • Saturday, April 16 (register by April 11)
  • Sunday, April 24 (register by April 18)
  • Sunday, May 1 (register by April 25)
  • Saturday, May 7 (register by May 2)
  • Sunday, May 15 (register by May 9)
  • Saturday, May 21 (register by May 16)
  • Sunday, May 29 (register by May 25)
  • Saturday, June 4 (register by May 30)
  • Sunday, June 12 (register by June 6)
  • Saturday, June 18 (register by June 13)
  • Sunday, June 26 (register by June 20)
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Upcoming National ACT and SAT Test Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required
July 17, 2021 June 18 June 19 – June 25
September 11, 2021 August 6 Aug 7 – Aug 20
October 23, 2021 September 19 Sep 20 – Oct 3
December 11, 2021* November 5 Nov 6 – Nov 19
February 5, 2022 January 7 Jan 8 – 14
April 9, 2022* March 4 Mar 5 – 18
June 11, 2022* May 6 May 7 – 20
July 16, 2022 June 10 June 11 – 24

* These test dates are ACT test release dates.  For $20 at the time of registration, students can purchase a copy of the test, the answer key and their answers, all of which are delivered to the student’s home approximately six weeks AFTER the test date.  When registering, click on the box that says “test information release” immediately below the box where you register for the ACT at

More than two million high school students will take the PSAT on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.  Alternate test dates are Saturday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 26.  Please contact your school to learn more about having your student take this test.

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required
August 28, 2021 TBD TBD
October 2, 2021 TBD TBD
 November 6, 2021 TBD TBD
December 4, 2021 TBD TBD
March 12, 2022 TBD TBD
May 7, 2022 TBD TBD
June 4, 2022 TBD TBD
August 27, 2022 TBD TBD

Register for the SAT by clicking here.