Prep for the digital, adaptive SAT.  Online or in-person with Breakaway Test Prep.

Beginning on March 9, 2024, the College Board, the publisher of the SAT, will debut the an all new SAT exam.  The new SAT, which students will take on an approved device such as a laptop or Chromebook, will be a digital, adaptive exam, allowing the College Board to significantly shorten testing time by about an hour.  Longer term, the digital test should offer more flexibility in terms of days and times within which to test, but “out of the gates”, the digital SAT will only be offered on select national test dates like the current paper exam.

Similar to the paper SAT, the new digital SAT will be comprised of two sections: a combined reading/writing section and a math section.  Each of these sections will be further comprised of two modules or stages.  All students taking the digital SAT will receive the same first module.  However, once the student completes the first module, the test will determine which of two modules to administer next: a module that is more difficult or a module that is less difficult.  That determination will be based on the student’s performance on module one.

Here is an overview of each section of the test:

  • Reading/Writing stage 1: 32 minutes, 27 questions; Reading/Writing stage 2: 32 minutes, 27 questions
  • After completing the Reading/Writing portion of the test, students will get a ten-minute break
  • Testing resumes with Math stage 1: 35 minutes, 22 questions; Math stage 2: 35 minutes, 22 questions

In terms of content, the most significant change will be to reading/writing section.  The College Board is combining what were two separate sections into one section.  Instead of subjecting students to 600-700 word passages with 9-11 questions as on the paper test, the digital test will present a series of much shorter passages (25-150 words), each of which has just ONE question.  The reading/writing section will ask series of reading questions as well as grammar questions.

Math will be very similar to the current paper SAT, though a calculator can now be used on the entire test.

For students who have accommodations for testing, College Board will maintain accommodations and use the digital test for testing with extra time.

For students who would like to have an opportunity to experience the new digital SAT, Breakaway is pleased to be able to offer a free practice digital SAT exam.  To register for the free practice test, please click here.

To help students prepare for this new exam, Breakaway has licensed an ONLINE prep platform that includes TEN digital, adaptive SAT exams as well as one digital, adaptive PSAT.  Breakaway’s digital SAT prep is complemented by a lesson manual that offers insights into taking a digital test, including how to take advantage of new digital testing tools such as marking problems for review, eliminating answer choices, highlighting text and annotating reading passages.

Like with our ACT prep, Breakaway uses a proven, rigorous approach to test prep to help students prepare for the PSAT and SAT.  Private instruction for the PSAT and SAT with Breakaway typically consists of a series of weekly lessons to get a student ready for a real exam, and the program can be customized based on a student’s starting test score, desired score, availability and response to instruction. Each student who works with us works with two instructors, one of whom will tackle reading and writing and the other will manage math.

Breakaway’s program of private instruction includes:

  • Private, one-on-one instruction for the PSAT and SAT with two expert Breakaway instructors
  • One instructor would manage reading and writing and the other instructor would cover math
  • Access to ten digital adaptive SAT exams and one digital adaptive PSAT exam via our digital prep platform
  • Critical time management strategies and helpful test taking techniques for each section of the test
  • A proprietary and proven course manual that provides a comprehensive overview of each section of the test, key concepts, helpful test-taking techniques and critical time-management strategies
  • Supplementary practice problems for homework
  • Convenient lesson times and locations; instructors are available seven days per week, daytimes and evenings
  • The rate for private instruction is $135/hr.  A separate testing and materials fee of $125 cover access to our digital SAT platform.

Breakaway is pleased to offer private instruction in various convenient locations across the metro area.  Please contact the education director listed below at a location convenient to you.

  • To learn more about prep in Edina, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis and Minnetonka, contact Ron Michalak, Breakaway’s president, at [email protected] or 612–216–5133.
  • In Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and Chaska, please contact Matt McManus, Breakaway director. at [email protected] or 612-578-9995.
  • In St. Paul and St. Paul suburbs, please contact John Kingsbury, Breakaway director, at [email protected] or 218-791-7910.
  • In Plymouth, Wayzata and the northwest suburbs, please contact Barbara Jeffers, Breakaway director, at [email protected] or 612-396-9676.

Ready to get started?  Please click here to complete an inquiry form, and a Breakaway director will get back to you in 24 hours.