SAT Subject Test Preparation

SAT Subject Tests are required or recommended by many of the nation’s most selective colleges. Similar to the careful planning and preparation that go into the ACT or SAT, Breakaway recommends that parents and students consider when are the best times to take these challenging tests.  Good timing is the key to success with these tests, and careful thought should be given as to when a student is taking relevant class work and when to test.  For example, sitting for the biology subject test at the end of sophomore year after a student has completed a full academic year of regular or AP biology would be a much more ideal time to test than a year or two later after many of those concepts may have been forgotten.  Breakaway can give you advice on the timing of when to take certain subject tests so you can decide which subjects to take and when to take them.

Breakaway instructors are available for nearly every subject test offered, including Literature, Math Level 1, Math Level 2, Biology E/M, Chemistry and Physics.  We strongly recommend that a student complete an initial practice test on a given subject to understand where he or she is starting from so that we can help you understand where your student can go.  Because only the nation’s most selective colleges consider subject test scores, we recommend in most instances that students should target scoring in the 700s so that the scores aid a student’s application to such colleges.

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