Small Group Prep for the ACT and SAT

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Online and small group prep now available for
the ACT and the SAT.

If you’re the parent of a current sophomore or junior, now is a great time to be thinking about summer test prep.  Summer before junior year (or senior year) is the ideal time to prepare for the ACT or the SAT as students are free from the pressures and distractions of the school year.  And for you rising seniors, the late summer SAT and mid-September ACT are terrific opportunities for you to add to your scores!

In this time of uncertainty, a solid test score can help bolster your student’s candidacy at thousands of colleges and universities, including every one of the nation’s currently test optional schools.  Even better, unlike your student’s GPA, test scores can be improved in a relatively short period of time, so with a determined effort this summer, many students can realize a significant improvement in their test scores by fall.

During the summer, Breakaway offers a variety of test prep options to accommodate students’ summer schedules, learning styles and ACT/SAT goals.  These options include online and in-person small group instruction at a range of locations around the Twin Cities. Breakaway can also create customized, do-it-yourself small group prep classes to accommodate busy summer and/or sports schedules.

Breakaway is offering the small group prep classes during the summer of 2022; all students are welcome to attend! Learn more about the classes below by clicking here.

July 16th ACT

  • Four-week Mon-Wed morning prep class at Blake (Hopkins)
  • Four-week Tue-Thu morning prep class at Blake (Hopkins)
  • Four-week Wed evening prep class in Plymouth
  • Two-week Mon and Thu evening prep class in Plymouth
  • Four-week Sun and Wed evening online prep class

September 10th ACT

  • Five-week Mon-Wed morning prep class at Blake (Hopkins)
  • Five-week Tue-Thu morning prep class at Blake (Hopkins)
  • Four-week Wed evening prep class in Plymouth
  • Four-week Sun and Wed evening online prep class

August 27th SAT

  • Five-week Tue-Thu afternoon prep class at Blake (Hopkins)

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Each class includes the following:

  • Lessons led by Breakaway‘s expert ACT (or SAT) instructors who graduated from the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities; 25 of our instructors have completed or are working towards a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D. and all performed at the 98th/99th percentile on their ACTs or SATs
  • Comprehensive reviews of all commonly tested concepts in grammar, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, other advanced math topics, chemistry, physics and biology
  • Critical test-taking and time management strategies for all sections of the test, including the time-constrained sections of reading and science
  • A proprietary and proven study guide that provides thorough overviews of each section of the test, including key concepts, hundreds of sample problems and critical insights about test-taking and time-management strategies
  • Access to more than 40 current ACTs and SATs

You can learn more about each of these classes by clicking here.

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Ron Michalak, Breakaway’s president can be reached at 612-216-5133.

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