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We are Minnesota’s leading provider of private, one-on-one ACT and SAT instruction. At Breakaway, we recognize that nobody likes preparing for standardized tests. That’s why we make test prep as painless as possible. Our combination of a proven approach, great instruction, and outstanding customer service makes test prep with Breakaway unbeatable.

Why take a practice test?

One of the most important components to an effective test prep program is taking advantage of a practice ACT prior to sitting for the real test. Even if a real ACT has been taken in the past, sitting for a practice test will help students continue to gain familiarity and comfort with the test.

Practice tests give students critical experience dealing with the pressure of the test situation while getting experience with all sections of a test in a classroom full of their peers.

As many students are aware, several factors contribute to why a standardized test is so challenging: Content, length, and nerves are, without question, the top factors playing a role on test day.  Having experience with the full-length of the test prior to test day is absolutely critical.

Sign up for a practice test today!

We are offering a free practice test on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017. The amount of space is limited, so sign up today.

Upon registering for the practice test, you will receive an email that contains additional information regarding when to arrive, what to bring, and when to expect results.

The practice test will be administered just like the real ACT. The test is proctored and subject to standard time constraints. In fact, the practice test given will be a real, previously administered ACT. It is a standardized test, after all, and the best indicator of an upcoming ACT is a past ACT.

Extended time testing

For students who qualify for extended time on the test, Breakaway offers time-and-a-half testing (50% more time). When registering to take the test with extended time, please select the appropriate option on the registration form. Register now by using the form below.

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Breakaway Test Prep, 3440 Beltline Blvd, Suite 106, St. Louis Park, MN, 55416

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