Breakaway Test Prep is pleased to offer support for the Common App essay!

What is the Common App?

The Common Application is a single college application that can be used at more than 800 colleges and universities across the country.  A vast assortment of schools – public, private, large, small, secular, and religious – use the Common Application to simplify and streamline the college application for over one million students each year.

In Minnesota alone, schools such as the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the University of St. Thomas, St. Benedict’s, St. John’s, St. Olaf, Carleton, Gustavus and Macalester use the Common App.  For a complete list of schools, please click here.

To learn more about the Common App and how it is used, click here.

What is the Common App essay?

The Common App essay is the essay that admissions committees will use to get to you know you. While your test scores, academic courses and GPA will provide a quantitative picture of you, the Common App essay will give the admissions teams some sense of who you are and what you are like.  Successful students use the Common App essay to talk about what makes them unique and what matters most to them.

How can Breakaway help? Get a Better Common App Essay—Faster

Neuroscience shows that story makes content more memorable. “The Story Formula™” gives high school seniors concrete, tactical guidance on how to turn anecdote and experience into a meaningful story for their Common App essay. Having a story-based essay makes the senior stand-out to readers in the college admissions office because of story’s power to create a lasting impression.

How Does the Story Formula™ Work?

Using examples from stories students know and love, the Story Formula™ provides visual tools that reveal the core elements that make stories compelling. The class lets students practice applying those elements so they can then use them as a framework to craft their own Common App essay.

Common App Essay Writing Help

Under the guidance of Sally Spector, Breakaway’s director for student essays, students will brainstorm, write, review and finalize their Common Application essays.  Sally will help students draft winning essays that are well written, that demonstrate the student’s ability to express themselves effectively in writing, and that indicate the student has some insight into his or her own life.

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