Welcome to Breakaway Test Prep!

Your student’s ACT score is important. Higher standardized test scores can not only help improve candidacy at target colleges and universities, better scores can also improve access to merit scholarships.

Introducing Breakaway Test Prep! We are the Twin Cities’ leading provider of private, one-on-one ACT and SAT instruction. Our combination of a proven approach, top-notch instruction, and access to weekly practice tests makes test-prep with Breakaway absolutely unbeatable.

One-on-one instruction is at the heart of what we do. Our students know the ACT or SAT score that they need, and we help them reach that goal. Our program is rigorous, and our results are remarkable.

How does it work?

If your child has not taken a recent, real ACT or SAT within the last 2-3 months, we recommend signing up for an upcoming practice test. Click here to view upcoming dates and register for a test. Beginning with a practice test gives students critical experience dealing with the pressure of the test situation. It also provides us with a baseline score.

If your student has already completed a recent, real ACT, we recommend jumping right into our private test-prep program.  Our Maple Grove ACT Prep program includes the following:

  • Access to more than 40 practice ACTs and SATs
  • Comprehensive reviews of all of the commonly tested concepts in grammar, Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II, trigonometry, and other advanced math concepts
  • Critical test-taking and time management strategies for all sections of the ACT, including time-constrained sections of reading and science
  • Convenient lesson times and locations. Instructors are available seven days per week, daytimes, and evenings
  • A proprietary and proven course manual that provides thorough overviews of each section of the test, including key concepts and hundreds of sample problems
  • Access to Breakaway’s proctored practice tests held nearly every weekend of the year

Get in touch!

With a track-record for success and a team of experienced instructors ready to assist, we would love to connect. To get started, please contact Ron Michalak, Breakaway’s president, at [email protected] or at 612-216-5133 (text or call). In your email, please include basic information regarding your student (name, school, year in school, past scoring information).

Thank you for your consideration!