Breakaway’s Summer Reading Cheerleader

Middle school and early high school can be essential times for reading development. However, with rising expectations in English class, reluctant or inexperienced readers can find themselves left behind. A robust summer reading program can help reawaken a middle-schooler’s interest in books, or nurture another’s gift for understanding literature.

In Breakaway’s Reading Cheerleader program, students will meet with enthusiastic book-loving adults to design a personalized summer reading plan. With 8- or 10-week options available, program participants will be introduced to novels and nonfiction books tailored to their interests and reading levels, then meet with their coaches on a biweekly basis to discuss what they’ve read, practice asking stimulating questions, and complete fun book-based assignments.

By the end of the summer, students will be equipped with skills they can take to next year’s classroom, including marginalia-writing, thesis statements, and discussion participation. They’ll have learned to talk about their likes and dislikes, and will leave equipped with tools to select a gripping read.


  • $125/hour for up to two students
  • Two lessons per month; each lesson would be one hour
  • Cost of books for student(s)
  • Cost of writing materials for student(s)


  • Online via Zoom until the risk of community spread of the Covid-19 virus subsides

Assignments completed both in- and out of session, may include:

  • Fanfiction: rewrite a scene so it happens differently, insert your favorite other-universe character, or put yourself in the book!
  • Nonfiction: “The scene where this happened reminded me of the time…”
  • List: what questions could you ask that would make people talk about this book?
  • List: what would you like to ask the author?
  • “I have a theory”: arrive to next session with a theory about the book and the evidence to prove it.

Come join us for a fun summer of literature enrichment!  For more information, please contact Ron Michalak at [email protected] or at 612-216-5133.